Past Projects

We Live Inside (2020-2021)

Every once in a while... something completely different comes along… it's compelling... and most importantly, original.’ - Reviewer Number 9

We Live Inside is an original thriller written for YouTube, to explore themes of isolation and companionship in the face of a global pandemic.

“Spring, 2020. The loneliness is getting to Adam. John’s been lonely all his life. A story about coronavirus, kidnapping, and trains.”

We Live Inside introduces Adam (Andrew Lake): a young, unhinged video diarist, as well as lonely train enthusiast John (Ray Stafford), and true-crime blogger Jules. What initially appears to be a strange anthology series gives way to something darker as we realise that these characters have more in common than it appears.

According to co-writer Andrew Lake;

“We don’t know if anything quite like this has ever been done before. This is a show that not only exists as a piece of streamed theatre, but also is itself about the new wave of lockdown-inspired online shows. Our biggest hope is that it can prove what is possible for a small, independent company, in terms of adapting to the new norm of online theatre.”

Section 28 (2019)
The Legacy of a Homophobic Law

A thoughtful, well-crafted piece of drama… well-written, simply produced, and thought-provoking. - The Fountain (* * * *)

This fluent, confident performance is always engaging, its characters believable, the issues it raises important. - British Theatre Guide

“Children … are being taught they have an inalienable right to be gay.” - Margaret Thatcher, 1987

September, 1988. David has a poorly kept secret. His father has guessed it. His classmates shout it down the corridors. And just when he feels that he can begin to confide in his English teacher, the Local Governments Act, recently passed into law, pushes a wedge between the two of them. And so David makes a bold push back.

Nobody was ever convicted under Section 28 - but the law’s legacy, creeping and sinister, is one of teachers pressured to look the other way, of books pulled from libraries, and of freely-reigning homophobia in schools.

Premiering at Edinburgh Fringe in 2019, Section 28 was the first collaboration between Ray Stafford and Andrew Lake.