Fifty thousand genders, vegan sausage rolls, what should you be angry about next?
When non-binary student Lin is attacked in a pub toilet, a viral video propels them to fame for all the wrong reasons. Will they manage to make something of their time in the spotlight? Yello
w Mug returns to the stage with a vicious ode to weekday morning TV.

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RAY STAFFORD - Patrick, Ted, Bob, Nurse
EMMA WILKES - Dawn, Ellen, Receptionist

Additional voices by Emma Cooper

Written and produced by Andrew Lake and Ray Stafford

Written by two LGBTQ actors, The Gay Train is an irreverent satire of the UK’s current TV landscape. Whilst the show’s targets include the obvious - socially conservative platforms such as GB News and Good Morning Britain, where talking about LGBT rights is increasingly dismissed as “Wokeism,” “Virtue Signalling,” or even “Dangerous” - the show also takes aim at the progressive side of the debate, from the ‘rainbow capitalism’ of Avanti’s LGBT-staffed pride train, to the journalists who set themselves up as spokespeople for the whole LGBT community.

After the success of their 2019 show Section 28, and the pandemic-themed webseries We Live Inside, LGBT company Yellow Mug Theatre return to the stage with a brand-new black comedy, The Gay Train, set to premiere at Edinburgh Fringe this summer. "This is a show about LGBTQ representation done wrong," says co-writer Andrew Lake, who identifies as non-binary and uses he/they pronouns. “... and in the face of that, it’s our job to get it right. This is a story created by a gender-diverse company, starring a gender-diverse cast”.